Wondering where to get started to reach your dream destination for a better living and work environment?

Have you always been thinking of relocating or migrating to a foreign country to pursue your dream?

Have you always dreamt of completing your studies from one of the top leading universities?

Well, if one or all the answer to these questions is yes, then it is ok to say that you have landed just on the right page.

Because we are the best coaching centre that you may enrol with to come out with flying colours.

And we here at (name of the centre) are adamant on getting you trained with our expertise to ensure that you pass the GRE with great scores.

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It is with the utmost care and valuable methodology, we train and mould our students here at (name of the centre) education because we understand the significance it holds to a student’s career, and also the measures that have to be taken in preparing the students for the same. We lay a clean and strong base for the students to make things easier and clearer during their coaching. The years of tenure in the said field will only add on to your coaching classes to reflect on your GRE scores.

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GRE or Graduate Record Examination is a standardized and computer-based, multi-choice exam that you will have to mandatorily attend and score if you are planning to join the top universities in the USA, Canada, Australia, UK, Singapore and other foreign countries worldwide. The GRE is conducted by the US-based Education Testing Service (ETS) and accepted by more than 600 top universities globally.

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Well not really, if you are prepared in the right manner, avail the right amount of training from a recognized center who will be able to help you with the necessary coaching and provide you with the right syllabus to learn from, and also if your promise to work hard, then it wouldn’t turn out to be a difficult exam.

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Everyone can register for this particular test regardless of their age, gender or qualifications. There are no particular eligibility criteria as such for the same. So anyone planning to enrol for a graduate program or any other such program can go ahead and take this exam.

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Any score above 318 can be considered as a good score, however, if you can score above 329 then that would be considered as excellent though. A 300 score is considered average and a score of 292 is considered as below average.

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First of all, you need to understand the way GRE works, it doesn’t focus on hard work instead it focuses on your smart work, if you can work on your logical thinking as well as reasoning skill, then it won’t be at all difficult to score in GRE.

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The GRE fee structure differs from country to country, at present in India the application fees for the general test comes around INR 14500-15000 and the GRE subject test will cost Indian students anywhere between INR 10000-11000.

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It is not impossible to pass GRE without coaching, but with a professional coaching centre or expert trainer, the results will be much better than the self-coaching, because they would provide you with the best training material to study from and also teach you the right way to prepare.

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  • GRE trainers are tenure.
  • Specially curated study material.
  • Systematic teaching approach.
  • The best training facilities.
  • Intense coaching classes.
  • Additional care provided to students that require the same.
  • Time to time exams conducted to prepare the students for the GRE test.

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Please find our coaching centres in Surat. Feel free to give us a call and have a detailed discussion with one of our consultants for expert advice and enrol with us at the earliest to land in the country of your dreams.

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