Mango Education is one of the prime language coaching providers in Surat. Our major aim is to help individuals who face English as their major language challenge that deprives them of the best opportunities in their life while they are preparing for some competitive exams or trying to get a student visa for their study abroad dreams.

Mango Education offers you English language courses at a very affordable price when compared to other institutes in Surat, Gujarat. If you are someone who is unable to speak or understand English, then our immaculate trainers are here to guide you.

How can we guide you in learning English language easily?

How can we guide you in learning English language easily?

Personalised Attention

Most institutes in Surat are money-oriented who stuff their batches with too many students and this leads to a school-like environment, where it becomes impossible to get personal attention to your basic issues. Here at Mango Education, you can stay rest assured of the personalised attention from all our trainers as we have a lower student-to-faculty ratio.


Family Counselling in Surat

Our Indian culture is blessed with the fruits of togetherness between families. But not all families can run smoothly, with time there can be issues that may require an interference. From building love, care and trust, our counsellors will work towards the betterment of the families.

Parenting Counselling in Surat

Parenting is not an easy task. When your child grows and is on a journey to become an independent adult, he/she may have certain issues with their parents. Parents on the other hand will find it difficult to deal with their behaviors leading to conflicts and tension. Whether you are a single parent who wants to get over the stress and fatigue of taking the sole responsibility of your child or parents who want to experience peaceful parenting, our counsellors will certainly work through your issues and guide you with a solution.

Counselling for teens and kids

Teenage is a phase in a kids life that involves lots of distraction and behavioural changes. This is inevitable and every parent has to deal with it. If your child is addicted to unfavourable habits then there is a way out. Let our counsellors help your child lead a better life with healthy habits.

Personal Counselling

If your anxiety, anger, stress and worries are coming on your way to become a better person, then you certainly need help. Ans yes, you are not alone. There are thousands of individuals who find it difficult to deal with these issues and think there is no way out. Do not suffer in silence and seek help. Your problems can certainly be solved through proper counselling.

What makes us the best family consultants in Surat, Gujarat?

  • Trusted by thousands of families and individuals
  • Highly qualified professional counselors
  • We never judge. Provide unbiased solutions
  • Choose your counselling session on phone, face-to-face or online.
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