English is the most common medium of chosen in the UPSC exams for written and personality test. It must be understood that speaking in English is quite different from writing in English. Written test in UPSC exams requires the candidates to answer informal and grammatically correct English.

While in personality tests it is important to speak in crystal clear and formal English language. There are students who are highly knowledgeable but remain extremely weak in communication. Never let this weakness of yours come in between your dreams.

We at mango Education help UPSC aspirants to become better communicators in English language and achieve their desired results to pass this highly competitive exam.

How to improve english for UPSC exam?

    • Read well

Reading is an important habit to develop a language. UPSC exam anyhow requires you to read a lot, so make sure that you read with complete awareness of the grammar and sentence formation as well.

    • Speak English wherever possible

You may feel shy to speak English without learning it well. But this is how you learn and correct yourself. Speaking more English will help you build confidence in speaking during your personality exam. So start from today.

    • Work on your fundamentals

This is where institutes like us can help. To speak or write good English, you must have a strong base. Create the base by enrolling yourself with a good English language coaching institute.

    • Start writing a blog

Begin your own personal blog. Write about any topic that comes to your mind. Be it your daily routine, a book you read, a movie you saw the other day or anything that comes in your mind. Use a good grammar app such as Grammar to correct your written English.

    • Watch more English movies and news

This is probably the easiest tip. We all love watching English movies with subtitles. But why not try this time to watch and understand a good movie without subtitles. It may look difficult but this in the long-term will reap its benefits. Alternatively, you can also watch English news to keep yourself updated with all the current affairs.

Join Mango Education for your UPSC English Language Coaching?

If you are a UPSC aspirant who is struggling with their English language, then worry not as enrol with us. Our experienced trainers will guide you in improving your English language skills essential for written and personality tests.

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