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Have you imagined how do people find any service or product?

The answer is very simple nowadays: Search engine results provided by Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

Every single link in the top search results has been SEO-optimized. It’s unbelievable, but it’s the reality. Everything seems pointless if your website/app fails to get ranked on the first page of search results. Search engine optimization training can help you get your website to the top of search engine result page (1st page results). In our SEO full course you will get to know techniques to elevate your website to the top of search results. Ultimately, users begin to notice it and use it more frequently.

We provide custom-designed SEO (Search Engine Optimization) training that covers all optimization strategies commonly used in the digital marketing planning and implimentation. Even we provide professional SEO services to our clients all over the world, our SEO digital marketing course leaners have the opportunity to work on a variety of live SEO projects. We immerse trainees in a Live Project of their choosing, establishing an overall learning experience on the Search Engine Optimization process.

SEO Full Course @ DigiMark (Mango) Surat

We, DigiMark (Mango Digital Media)  offers Seo full course training in Surat with in-depth knowledge of internet marketing and how to deal with search engines and keywords optimization. In fact, we are among one of the top-ten SEO institutes in Surat, offers courses for both newcomers and seasoned professionals. In our comprehensive SEO training course in Surat assures you the best learning environment and flexible training schedules.

Students who have taken the DigiMark SEO full course have gone on to work for a variety of SEO firms in Surat. Subject-matter experts with years of experience teaching SEO in Surat provide the instruction during our career courses for internet and search engine marketing.

Our SEO course for beginners that covers every facet of search engine optimization. The Surat-based DigiMark Seo Institute is run by a group of IT experts with more than a decade of combined experience. Web Developer freshers in Surat can easily land a job in a seo company because of its low learning curve and high demand in the city.

We, DigiMark Seo institute in Surat is mostly focused on Digital Marketing Training and Consulting services. We offer the best Seo learning course along with search console training so that students can learn everything they need to know to build search engine-friendly websites.

We also offer 3-day free classes before you make your decision to join our classes. So, don’t make it delayed and register for your FREE TRIAL NOW.

What we offer in our SEO Training Course In Surat?


  • Title tag
  • Head tag
  • Anchor tags on the home page
  • High Volume and long tail keywords
  • Keywords difficulty
  • Image optimization
  • URL optimzation

In our SEO full course and training, you will learn on-page and off-page SEO techniques and proven strategies which will help you to rank your website content on the top of search results.

You will get to know everything about creating great and catchy content that would put an impact on search engines and readers as well. Our SEO freshers will be given a brief understanding of keyword reseach, optimization and how to re-write quality content that may rank better than your rivals.

In our Off-page SEO training course you will have an intensive knowledge as well as practical sessions about link building, guest posting, social bookmarking, forum participation and SEO content management. You will also be aware with  bloggers outreach and how to create quality backlinks for your webpages to build a stronger domain ranking and authority.


  • Backlinks creation
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Local business directory listings
  • Bloggers outreach
  • Forum posts
  • PDF submission
  • Profile creation linking

H1 Headers and Title Tags for SEO

Title Tag: Google and Google searchers see the Title Tag (a type of meta tag; see “How to Write META Tags Properly”) as the page’s first headline. Title Tags usually appear in Google search results.

In other words, when a user performs a keyword search and your page appears in the results, the Title Tag acts as a hyperlink that directs them to your page.

Example: Title Tag appears in the browser’s title bar when a user visits your page.

Tips to write a good Title tag

  1. Title tags length must be limit up to 60 characters
  2. Don’t overdo your keywords
  3. A unique title is better to rank on Google SERPs
  4. Start your title with important keywords
  5. Write your title tags by considering your customers only
  6. Make a (brief) case for what’s on the page.
  7. Use relevant, high-quality images.
  8. Customize the filename.
Title-Tag-vs.-H1-Header in SEO

Our seo beginners will learn everything about title tag and H1 or header tags. You will get to know the best practical tips and analytical outcome about how to write an SEO friendly title tag and headers. You will learn…

What is a Title Tag? What is a H1?

To be sure we’re on the same page, here are the actual HTML codes we’re discussing:

  •       Title Tag: <title>
  •       H1 Header Tag: <h1>

HTML coding affects search engine rankings when you create online content. Title Tags and H1 Headers are two SEO examples. Each helps Google and users understand your content.

Title Tags and H1s can boost search engine rankings. Misusing these tags can hurt rankings and lead to penalties.

We’re writing a post about it. You’ll learn the difference between Title Tags and H1 Headers, why they’re important, and how to write them.

Title tag length
If your titles are under 60 characters, 90% of them will display properly on mobile or desktop SERPs, according to our research. Google SERPs show 600 pixels. Google’s spiders will consider the entire title tag (within reason) when they crawl the page, even if it’s not displayed in the SERPs.

Writing effective title tags is a low-effort, high-impact SEO task because they’re so important for SEO and user experience. Here are tips for optimizing title tags for search engines and usability:

Top Reasons your title tag is not showing by Google

  1. Google don’t like keyword stuffed title tag
  2. Google outdated cache
  3. Google ignored your preferred title
  4. The source code is wrong
  5. If your’s is a lenghty title tag
  6. Search term manipulation
  7. Irrelevant title tag
  8. An alternative title tag used
  9. Search term manipulation

H1 header: On the other hand, the H1 Header will almost never be displayed in the results that are returned by a search engine. Instead, it will appear on the page itself of your website. The H1 Header tag is typically used to create the primary headline (or title) that appears at the top of the page. This is due to the fact that it displays the largest amount of text.

Example: Header tags range from H1 to H6. Each header gives search engines like Googlebot valuable page information. This guide explains how to improve SEO with H1 tags.

Tips to write a SEO friendly H1

  1. The H1 tag should be the same or slightly different than the page title.
  2. Use keywords in your headings.
  3. Avoid very long headings.
  4. Make sure that your H1 tag is visible and not hidden to users.
  5. Style your H1 tag differently than the rest of the headings.
  6. Use headings in a hierarchical manner.
  7. Use only one h1 tag per page
h1 header tags
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Learn IELTS from Experts

With our years of experience in this realm, we understand the difficulty our people face in the IELTS test. So, to motivate and help them, we thoughtfully and meticulously designed a syllabus and methodology that works based on the English language and the basics of the IELTS exam. We work on the roots for flourishing results.

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What is IELTS?

IELTS or The International English Language Testing System is a proficiency exam used to assess your reading, listening, writing and speaking abilities in the English language. This test is managed by British Council, IDP: IELTS Australia and Cambridge Assessment English. IELTS is one of the most popular English language proficiency exams that is trusted by thousands of organizations in checking the students or candidates during higher education and global immigration.

Commonly asked questions about IELTS exams

Why is IELTS so difficult?

If you find IELTS tough, then that could be because of your weak foundation in the English language. So preparation is the key here. Work on your basics. Attend our Pre-IELTS classes to know what you must expect in the IELTS test and prepare well ahead.

Who is eligible for the IELTS exam?

The minimum age requirement should be at least 16 years to take an IELTS test. Also, you must have a valid passport.

What is a good IELTS band score?

IELTS scores range from 0 to 9. 0 stating no attempt of exam and 9 being an expert level. There is no pass or fail here. You will understand your proficiency in the English language from being intermittent to expert.

Which part of IELTS is most difficult?

Some candidates think writing is the toughest part while others find reading a lot tougher than other modules. So the answer to this question can vary as per individual experiences.

What is the fee of the IELTS exam in India?

From 1sr April 2020, the registration fee of the IELTS exam has become Rs 14000.

Can I pass IELTS without coaching?

Yes, you can. It requires a lot of research to understand the test format which can be best done in an institute. But yes, there are a lot of students who have scored well by studying at home. Anything is possible if you work for it.

Join our IELTS classes Today At Mango Education, Surat

If you are looking for IELTS classes in Surat Varachha, Adajan or Vesu, then Mango Education can certainly help you in learning the best techniques to achieve success in IELTS. IELTS preparation can be daunting, but we will be there to guide you at every step. Enroll with us today!

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IELTS @ The Most Affordable Price

Mango Education gives you the most affordable IELTS coaching and yet still ranks among the highest when it comes to practice questions, reference lessons, and practice tests on offer.

ielts at the best price

Mango Education is always engaged in providing their students with the latest and most up-to-date learning experience. You’ll notice that all of our content is reviewed and edited as necessary for improvements and any updates to the exam. All this will let you prepare for the IELTS exam with proven and effective learning strategies and approaches.

Speaking and Writing Reviews 

At Mango Education, we really take your English speaking and writing seriously. After you submit your writing samples and speaking audio, we will review both and will share our feedback to help you improve. This is the key point to consider and put us apart from others. And not only that, our IELTS practice test will help you to get your desired IELTS speaking band score.

speaking_and_writing practise
All 4 modules of IELTS

As per our years of experience and some tremendous efforts by our R&D team powered by AI, we reach on a conclusion with the most balanced syllabus in our IELTS coaching class. It will help you to focus on more important topics and modules and similarly less on the other lower weightage modules.