Studying in India vs. Studying Abroad

Studying in India vs. Studying Abroad

The dilemma of choosing either your home country or foreign universities for educational preferences is you wished you weren’t caught in. Anyone who has ever footed outside national borders for education has confronted this question in their mind.

Our country has its own values. For eg. taking IELTS Classes in your city can help you lay the foundation needed to be street smart in international settings. However, we are about to explore the various advantages of studying abroad vs studying at home. Stay tuned!

But first, let us weigh down on the various aspects of both studying abroad and studying in India. Each has its merits, let’s evaluate them.

difference between study in India vs study in abroad

Studying Abroad: Some Facts Worth Knowing

#DidYouKnow India is second to China in terms of overall foreign student enrollment in schools around the globe. This data is supported by the QS World University Rankings.

Approximately 1.26 billion people have enrolled in foreign educational institutions and 50 per cent of that population are under the age of 25 years. Thousands of students from India leave their home country every year to pursue their hopes of studying overseas, getting international exposure.

Studying in the Native Country

There are indeed many perks of studying in your own country. Instead of studying for the IELTS exam, you can completely concentrate on your semesters and exams. Besides, the society around you is comfortable for you. You have been growing up here, know everyone. All faces are similar, so you don’t have to feel a bit nervous when going out in public or dealing with classmates.

Another prospect is that in a foreign country, a “language shock” typically comes along with the learning process. If you are comfortable taking up new challenges, the scope for studying abroad is massive. But if you want to play it easy and cool, you may stay back and study from home. You can take IELTS online coaching to improve your skills.

Expenses Are Lower in India

In addition, you need to bear in mind the expense of studying abroad. Tuition costs abroad are very high often, and the cost of living can vary from what you’re used to at home. Besides, when you wish to visit your loved ones, you will need extra money. Depending on which country you want to study overseas, travelling expenses may be very high.

Staying in Comfort

Studying in another country and learning a foreign language is not a safe idea for everyone, as some feel homesick. But there’s another side of every coin.

  • In your home country, you have the luxury of living and learning from the comfort of your home. You need not leave all your relatives and friends behind.
  • Because of time gaps or weak local technological resources, connecting with people back often becomes difficult while living abroad. As a result, social relations might suffer.

Although friends are important, proper career exploration and establishment are also necessary. The attractiveness of an international degree is:

  • An exciting opportunity to get worldwide recognition
  • Exceptional prospects for study, as well as the associated job advantages, are enticing.

More Natural Environment

There is hardly a student in their home country who is not familiar with their surrounding neighbourhood or town or city. Studying at home gives you the opportunity to travel and explore new cities within your own country. You might want to migrate to another state to study if you have the zeal to move out of your home. For that, you don’t need to learn fluent spoken English.

Within one nation there are significant variations between the different regions, so chances are that you will also feel a culture shock here. Challenge is everywhere, only which one you choose matters.

Why Travel Overseas To Study? 

Studying abroad would encourage you to stay ahead of the students who have decided to stay at home and study at local universities and colleges. There is a worldwide appreciation for a foreign degree that would prove that you have thrived and achieved in an attempt beyond your comfort zone.

  • One of the greatest rewards of learning abroad is that it is almost certain that your English language ability would increase. 
  • Even if you are learning a language you already speak, when living in a foreign place, your vocabulary will expand tremendously.
  • An international college degree is also a gateway to global opportunities for employability. 

To start advancing ahead of time, follow the best IELTS tips from industry experts.

When making choices on which candidate to recruit, businesses consider foreign recognition an important criterion. And a degree obtained overseas will convince your prospective employers that you have a go-getter mentality.

More Academic Opportunities Abroad

Opportunities available in countries such as the United States of America and the United Kingdom are much more vivid and broader than third world countries. The facilities and infrastructure found in the Indian subcontinent are often not as much progressive, as the top colleges in the world. This is why most Indian students choose to migrate abroad.

Students finish their studies at a foreign college and continue as members of the faculty. This way, they can fulfil their research ambitions.

Your Fantasies Come True Abroad

International educational opportunities give you the tools and resources to live your dream. Always wanted to make a difference in the world through science? Well, go on, research on something life-saving.

In comparison, although there are some of the most prestigious universities and institutions in India, opportunities are not as widespread. This is especially true because of India’s population statistics. Our nation’s population is the second-highest on Earth, after China. Consequently, the youth population has also exploded, leading to a never-seen-before surge in demand.

But there aren’t enough seats in the top educational institutions in India. Moving out for a brain-boost is therefore the brightest idea.

Your Goal Is There To Be Score

Today, opportunities to study abroad are widely available. Gone are the days when it could be afforded only by a few selected individuals. Today, with the number of loans and scholarships available for college, international higher education is much more affordable.

Secure a strong academic track record and fulfil the eligibility requirements set by the bank. An education loan is assured if you can show proper records. Even some international education program opportunity providers have agreements with banks. They can help you secure a loan for your learning journey.

As you know, “if there’s a will, there’s a way.” It only depends on where you want to study. For more IELTS tips and trick, follow our blog.