Has studying abroad been something that you have always dreamt of?
Are you a person who has decided to migrate to a foreign country?

Well, then it is required that you know about TOEFL and all other information associated with it because this test becomes one of the crucial conditions in deciding if you will be able to finish the enrolment process to study abroad or even the migration procedure as well.

TOEFL means Test of English as a Foreign Language, also the first step towards studying abroad.

Almost every university and educational institution asks for an applicant’s Toefl score and it is almost a prerequisite before you take admissions into these universities.

This test is to ensure that a student, whose native mother tongue isn’t English, would be able to understand all the four language skills without any trouble, once you arrive in the destined country.

The four language skills are as mentioned below:

  • Speaking
  • Reading
  • Writing
  • Listening

The Toefl test score is valid for a solid two years and is accepted by almost 5200 colleges across the globe.
The Toefl exam is categorized into two sections
PBT (stands for a paper-based test) (60 marks)
IBT (stands for Internet-based test) ( 60 marks)
The score is calculated by adding up both the sections and a minimum of 100 is expected to pass this exam.

Tips on how to prep up in advance before taking the Toefl course.

These techniques are tried and tested ones that will make the Toefl training sessions much easier.

  • Start reading a lot and make sure that you form a habit of the same.
  • Watch English movies, as this will help you understand the accent and style in which an English native language speaker speaks.
  • Try communicating and conversing with a person who is already excellent with the English language.
  • Set your scores well in advance in your mind and aim for the same (as different countries and universities require different sets of a score for Toefl).
  • Stop panicking and worrying about the score instead have a passionate way of learning or preparing for Toefl classes.
  • Use the internet in the right way to research and learn about the Toefl test and more.
  • Try and collect study materials and guides that will help you learn more about the Toefl test.
  • Instead of thinking about Toefl as a test, think of it as a strategy.
  • Try and collect all the free materials available online for a kick start even before you start taking the course.
  • Watch podcasts and youtube videos that guide on taking the Toefl test.

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With the right training and coaching the Toefl test score will be just as you dreamt of.

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